Science Communication Videos at Dalhousie

Supervised by Prof. Graham Gagnon and Prof. Amina Stoddart at Dalhousie University, I collaborated with graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and undergraduate researchers to produce several science communication outreach videos.

Indefensible: The Troubling Legacy of Edward Cornwallis

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  • Directed by Jack H. Farrell and Tom Fraser
  • Supported by a Northrop Frye Center Undergraduate Research Fellowship

This long-form research documentary focuses on the controversy surrounding a commemorative statue of Edward Cornwallis, the man credited with founding the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. His mistreatment of the Mi’kmaq indigenous population has been classified as genocide. The film was screened to a crowded house at Victoria College in the University of Toronto. It features interviews with historians, city councillors, and journalists. The project was supervised by Prof. John Duncan at the University of Toronto.

A Donair Story

  • Starring Tom Fraser, Ryan Akler-Bishop, and Rachel Leggett
  • Directed by Jack Farrell